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Changes for the 2018 Lansdale Beer Fest

It is with mixed emotions that we report a major change to our format for 2018. After much discussion, we have decided to limit tickets to 1500 and offer a VIP session only, for our 9th annual LBTF. VIP includes a 4 hour session with a focus on rare offerings, with all food included. It will be the same price that VIP has always been: $75.
We understand fully that some people (probably those that have experienced VIP before) are going to cheer this decision and others may curse the decision. We unfortunately recognize that some of our loyal attendees will not be willing or able to move to the VIP price point. That is our biggest regret.
But there are several specific reasons behind the change that we’d like to share that we believe will make the event even better:

  • We are limiting crowd size so attendees can move freely and easily and get the beers they want without long lines or hassles. Bigger does not always mean better and we want to focus on a quality event, not just a big event.
  • Attendees don’t have to decide between food and beer. Food will be available for the majority of the event–not just for an hour. So attendees can grab a bite, grab a brew, grab a water, rinse, repeat. No rush; no worries; and set up so nobody feels the need to pack a 4 hour tasting into an hour.
  • We need to be good to our volunteers. Lugging 200+ kegs, pouring for 5-6 hours and then cleaning up afterwards is really difficult and exhausting. We appreciate our volunteers and think they deserve a better experience as well. So one session really helps in this regard.
    Our commitment every year is to try to make this event the premier beer event in the area. Towards that end, we hope these changes will lead to an even better experience for all.

Tickets go on sale on May 3rd at a ticket kick of event at the Blue Dog in Chalfont, and then on-line later that evening. Many more details to follow in the upcoming weeks.
We hope to see you June 23rd. Cheers!

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